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Palworld tier list and the best Pals to choose

Here's a tier list of the best Pals in Palworld ranked

Screenshot of the Chillet and Mammorest Pals in Palworld
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair

Looking for a Pal tier list to rank the best Pals in Palworld? As you journey through Palworld, you'll come across Pals of different elements with varying Partner Skills which determine how strong they are in combat.

With so many to choose from, a Pal list that is ever-expanding, and only a limited amount of space on your team, it can be hard prioritising which to recruit. Luckily, we've organised all Pals into a tier list below and then went through our top ten essential picks. Featured are the best Pals for combat, the best base Pals, mounts and more.

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Palworld tier list

The following Pal tier list contains all Pals currently available in Palworld. As of writing, there are a total of 138 Pals including species variations. Below we've ranked them according to the strongest Pals in combat, the fastest mounts and how useful they are at your base when performing tasks like Planting, Handiwork and more.

Be sure to check below this tier list for a breakdown of our top ten Pals and a rundown of why each Pal should be a vital member of your team.

Tier Pals
S Tier Anubis, Astegon, Blazamut, Frostallion, Frostallion Noct, Grizzbolt, Jetragon, Jormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, Lovander, Lyleen, Lyleen Noct, Necromus, Orserk, Paladius, Shadowbeak, Sibelyx, Verdash, Warsect
A Tier Astegon, Azurobe, Beakon, Bushi, Digtoise, Elizabee, Faleris, Felbat, Felbat Noct, Galeclaw, Helzephyr, Ice Reptyro, Incineram, Incineram Noct, Mammorest, Mammorest Cryst, Menasting, Mossanda, Mossanda Lux, Petallia, Pyrin, Quivern, Ragnahawk, Reptyro, Robinquill, Robinquill Terra, Suzaku, Suzaku Aqua, Tocotoco, Vaelet, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan
B Tier Arsox, Beegarde, Blazehowl, Blazehowl Noct, Bristla, Chillet, Cinnamoth, Cryolinx, Dazzi, Dumud, Elphidran, Elphidran Aqua, Fenglope, Flopie, Flambelle, Foxparks, Gorirat, Ice Kingpaca, Jolthog, Jolthog Cryst, Katress, Kingpaca, Kitsun, Lifmunk, Loupmoon, Mau, Mau Cryst, Penking, Pengullet, Rayhound, Reindrix, Swee, Sweepa, Tanzee, Tombat, Vanwyrm, Vanwyrm Cryst, Vixy
C Tier Cawgnito, Daedream, Dinossom, Dinossom Lux, Direhowl, Eikthyrdeer, Eikthyrdeer Terra, Foxcicle, Fuddler, Fuack, Gobfin, Gobfin Ignis, Grintale, Hoocrates, Kelpsea, Kelpsea Ignis, Leezpunk, Leezpunk Ignis, Lunaris, Maraith, Nitewing, Nox, Pyrin, Pyrin Noct, Relaxaurus, Relaxaurus Lux, Ribunny, Rooby, Rushoar, Sparkit, Univolt, Wixen
D Tier Broncherry, Broncherry Aqua, Caprity, Cattiva, Celaray, Chikipi, Cremis, Depresso, Gumoss, Hangyu, Hangyu Cryst, Killamari, Lamball, Melpaca, Mozzarina, Surfent, Surfent Terra, Teafant, Woolipop

Now you should have a good idea which are the best Pals in Palworld. Below, we've listed the top ten Pals you need to recruit, where to find them and what makes them a worthwhile addition to your team.

10. Lyleen

Palworld screenshot of a Lyleen Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 104
  • Element: Grass
  • Skill Proficiencies: Planting Level 4, Handiwork Level 3, Gathering Level 2, Medicine Productions Level 3
  • Partner Skill: Harvest Goddess
  • Drops: Low Grade Medical Supplies, Beautiful Flower, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Location: No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary

Whilst there are perhaps more fearsome-looking Pals on this list, the Lyleen provides some powerful buffs both to combat and to base management.

The Lyleen resides in a top spot for both our best Planting Pals and best Medicine Production Pals lists. Whilst these skills are reason enough to recruit a Lyleen to your Palbox, their Partner Skill, Harvest Goddess can restore a player's HP in combat. This is one of few Pals with restorative powers and is infinitely useful when taking on powerful foes.

Whilst the Lyleen predominantly has Grass-type powers, they also do have access to a Water-based power, Aqua Burst, at level 22.

9. Verdash

Palworld screenshot of a Verdash Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 077
  • Element: Grass
  • Skill Proficiencies: Planting Level 2, Handiwork Level 3, Lumbering Level 2, Transporting Level 2, Gathering Level 3
  • Partner Skill: Grassland Speedster
  • Drops: Leather, Bone
  • Location: No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary

The Verdash has a range of valuable skills which make it a worthy recruit for your base and one of the best base Pals and best Gathering Pals.

Additionally, the Verdash can increase the player's movement speed in combat and apply Grass damage to all of the player's attacks, making it especially useful when fighting Ground-type foes.

Verdash Pals also have access to strong Ground damage attacks like the Stone Cannon which has an attack power of 70 despite the fact it can be unlocked at just level 7.

8. Warsect

Palworld screenshot of a Warsect Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 092
  • Element: Ground, Grass
  • Skill Proficiencies: Planting Level 1, Handiwork Level 1, Lumbering Level 3, Transporting Level 3
  • Partner Skill: Hard Armor
  • Drops: Honey
  • Location: No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary

The Warsect is proficient in both Grass and Ground attacks and is both the best Grass Pal and best Lumbering Pal to recruit in Palworld due to its skill proficiencies.

If you want a Pal that can cover as many elements as possible, Warsect Pals can apply Fire damage to all of the player's attacks when recruited in your team. It can also strengthen the player's defence making it a jack of all trades and immeasurably useful against a range of Pal types.

7. Orserk

Palworld screenshot of a  Oserk Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 106
  • Element: Dragon, Electric
  • Skill Proficiencies: Generating Electricity Level 4, Handiwork Level 2, Transporting Level 4
  • Partner Skill: Ferocious Thunder Dragon
  • Drops: Electric Organ
  • Location: No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary

If you have many Production Assembly Lines, you'll need an Electric Pal to help you maintain power and keep your base at maximum production efficiency. The Orserk is the best pal for Generating Electricity in the game and has a level 4 in this skill proficiency.

Simultaneously, it's the best Electric Pal due to its impressive Kerauno skill, worth 100 power. Astonishingly, this power can be unlocked from level 1 and essentially equips the Orserk with a throwable blade made of lightning.

The Orserk can additionally perform a Lightning Strike at level 7, which deals out 120 power. These are figures that most Pals have to wait until levels 40 plus to unlock.

6. Necromus

Palworld screenshot of a Necromus Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 109
  • Element: Dark
  • Skill Proficiencies: Lumbering Level 2, Mining Level 2
  • Partner Skill: Dark Knight of the Abyss
  • Drops: Pal Metal Ingot, Large Pal Soul
  • Location: North of the Deep Sand Dunes

The Necromus is arguably the best Dark Pal in Palworld due to its hard-hitting Nightmare Ball, Twin Spears and Dark Laser attacks. It additionally has access to both Fire and Ground attacks.

Its Partner Skill allows the Necromus to be ridden as a mount and it can perform a double jump when doing so. The Necromus is classed as a Legendary Pal and there is only one in the game, as of writing.

5. Paladius

Palworld screenshot of a Paladius Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 108
  • Element: Neutral
  • Skill Proficiencies: Lumbering Level 2, Mining Level 2
  • Partner Skill: Holy Winged Knight
  • Drops: Pal Metal Ingotm, Diamond
  • Location: North of the Deep Sand Dunes

Like its companion the Necromus, the Paladius can be used as a mount. Arguably the Paladius is the best mount in Palworld due to its triple jump ability, making traversal much easier across the game's expansive map.

The Paladius is also one of a kind and can perform both Ice and Neutral attacks. If you're looking to collect both rare and powerful Pals, the Paladius should be on your list.

4. Anubis

Screenshot of the Anubis Pal in Palworld
Image credit: Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 100
  • Element: Ground
  • Skill Proficiencies: Handiwork Level 4, Transporting Level 2, Mining Level 3
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Desert
  • Drops: Bone, Large Pal Soul, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Location: Northeast of Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant

The Anubis is the best Handiwork Pal in the game with a level 4 proficiency in the skill. This means it's a useful Pal to recruit at your base when you expect to do a lot of building and wish to expedite the process.

Perhaps more importantly, it's also the best Ground Pal in Paworld with access to unique attacks like the Spinning Roundhouse spin kick, Ground Smash AOE attack and Forceful Charge punch attack.

Additionally, the Anubis can move faster than most Pals and perform a side dodge whilst also applying Ground damage to all of the player's attacks. This makes it versatile and fluid in combat while delivering some seriously strong Ground damage.

3. Jormuntide

Palworld screenshot of a Jormuntide Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 101
  • Element: Dragon, Water
  • Skill Proficiencies: Watering Level 4
  • Partner Skill: Stormbringer Sea Dragon
  • Drops: Pal Fluids
  • Location: South of Investigator's Fork

The Jormuntide deserves a high place in this list due to the fact it is both the best Water Pal in Palworld, has the best Watering skill in the game and is also one of the fastest mounts you can get, capable of carrying players across bodies of water without depleting stamina.

The multi-purpose nature of the Jormuntide does not subtract from its ferociousness in combat. Capable of Water, Electric and Dragon attacks, it can summon an Aqua Burst (a ball of water to launch at enemies) at level 22. This attack is worth 100 power and is a precursor to even more powerful attacks as the Jormuntide levels up.

Few can outmatch the Jormuntide, except its variant species the Jormuntide Ignis, detailed below.

2. Jormuntide Ignis

Palworld screenshot of a Jormuntide Ignis Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 101b
  • Element: Dragon, Fire
  • Skill Proficiencies: Kindling Level 4
  • Partner Skill: Stormbringer Lava Dragon
  • Drops: High Quality Pal Oil, Flame Organ
  • Location: No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary

Like its blue cousin, the Jormuntide Ignis is a master of both combat and utility. With a level 4 proficiency, it's the best Kindling Pal in the game, useful for producing Ingots at your base or cooking meals.

It's also the best Fire Pal in Palworld, with the ability to enhance all Fire attacks of Pals in your team when ridden as a mount.

With access to Fire, Dragon and Electric attacks, its sure to help you in most combat situations. Its most powerful Fire attack can be accessed at level 40 (unlike other Pals that have to wait until level 50) and is worth 150 power. This attack, Fire Ball, does what it says on the tin and summons a large ball of fire to haul at foes.

1. Jetragon

Palworld screenshot of a Jetragon Pal
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Pocketpair
  • Paldeck number: 111
  • Element: Dragon
  • Skill Proficiencies: Gathering Level 3
  • Partner Skill: Aerial Missile
  • Drops: Pure Quartz, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, Diamond
  • Location: Volcanic Cavern

Not only is the Jetragon the fastest flying mount in the game, but whilst in the air, you can fire missiles from its back. This is a legendary Pal, super rare and has access to Fire, Dragon and Dark attacks, making it a formidable predator both in the skies and on land.

The Jetragon takes our top pick for the best Dragon Pal in Palworld due to its powerful repertoire of attacks and grenade launcher Partner Skill. As of writing, there is only one Jetragon in the game and will pose a challenge to capture. If you manage to catch one, however, you'll be able to defeat any Pals foolish enough to get in your way.

That rounds off our guide to the best Pals in Palworld including a full Pal tier list and a top ten roundup. With these fearsome critters, you should be kitted out with everything you need to explore the map and expand your base. If you have just begun your Palworld journey, try our guide to the best starter Pals or see our Pal locations guide for a thorough rundown of where you can find each of the entries on our list.

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