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The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 39: GTA 6 predictions feat. Dracula boat

Does the 'G' stand for gorillas? Time will tell

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open-world action adventure game from Rockstar Games.
Image credit: Rockstar Games/Take-Two

This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we talk all things GTAVI augury, what with the community going bananas for secret GTAVI clues, and Rockstar finally announcing that they'll have a trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto arriving in December. Our predictions are in fact not as outlandish as you might think, although there are gorillas, obviously.

Alongside this we talk about the games we're playing right now (largely Darktide, it turns out), and dish up some recommendations. We also spent like a third of our recording time playing a deranged Age Of Empires 2-themed RPG using an abbreviated D20 system of Nate's devising, but don't worry, I edited it down quite a lot. Apologies for my poor mic quality!

You can listen above, or on on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, or Pocket Casts. You can find the RSS feed here, and you can discuss the episode on our Discord channel, which has a dedicated room for podcast chat.

Music is by Jack de Quidt.

We record on a Wednesday morning, so some things may have changed by the time you listen to the episode.

This week we've been playing the co-op Warhammer shootybangs of Darktide, weirdo roguelike card crawler with a scary bird Ring Of Pain, and in-browser puzzle game The Roottrees Are Dead

Recommendations this week are the Netflix Anime Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, upcoming sort-of-uplit novel Spirit Level, and South Of Scrimshaw Part One which Nate is somewhat erroneously claiming is not a game. Also, congrats to listener Zach for the release of his solo RPG Malkin!

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