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Wuthering Waves: endgame modes explained

Tower of Adversity, Tactical Hologram: Calamity, and the limited-time Depths of Illusive Realm

Both male and female Rovers take centre stage in this scene from the intro of Wuthering Waves.
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Curious about endgame modes in Wuthering Waves? If you're getting close to the endgame of the gacha RPG Wuthering Waves, it might be time to start taking on the game's endgame modes, including the Tower of Adversity, Tactical Hologram: Calamity, and the limited event Depths of Illusive Realm. These are where your characters' builds truly become important — just a single stat can make or break a run or boss fight in any of these modes.

If you're confident in your characters' builds (or just want to learn more about what's ahead), we've got your back. In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about endgame modes in Wuthering Waves, including what each mode is, how to unlock it, and what rewards you'll get.

Tower of Adversity

You'll unlock the Tower of Adversity during the Alone in the Abyss quest, which is unlocked automatically after hitting Union Level 15 and completing Act 4 of the story. This is Wuthering Waves' main endgame mode, and it's comparable to Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss.

In the Tower of Adversity, you'll go through a series of progressively more difficult floors, each with their own challenges and buffs and enemies to defeat within a time limit. To tackle them all, you'll need to build quite a few characters because they'll lose Vigor (or stamina) between floors, meaning you'll need to switch between characters to make it through more floors in a row.

The Tower of Adversity has a few different modes that you'll unlock in succession. You'll first make your way through the relatively short Stable Zone, and you'll get the 4-star resonator Yuanwu as a bonus reward for completing this tower. After this, you'll gain access to the Experiment Zone, then, after completing this, you'll finally get access to the Hazard Zone.

Based on your completion time in each level, you'll earn rewards like Astrite and Hazard Records, the latter of which can be exchanged for rewards like Premium Tuners, Phantom Appearances, Advanced Resonance Potions, and Shell Credits in the Shop.

Tactical Hologram: Calamity

Tactical Hologram: Calamity is a set of reworked boss fights that get progressively more difficult. You'll gain access to these at Union Level 27.

Each boss has six different difficulty levels, and you'll need to complete each one in order while staying within each level's time limit. These enemies also have different abilities and are stronger compared to their non-Calamity counterparts, so it's worth making sure your Resonators of choice are properly leveled and built before taking one on.

To initiate a fight, simply find one of the four bosses on the map, walk up to it, and hit “Start Challenge.”

Beating a boss will grant you a handful of Astrite and the boss' respective Echo. You'll also get Data Sets, which can be exchanged in the Simulation Training Store (a tab in the Shop) for rewards like Lustrous Tides, Tuners, and Phantom Appearances. It's worth noting that these rewards can't be claimed again — these are permanently depleted after beating each boss' difficulty levels for the first time!

Depths of Illusive Realm

The Depths of Illusive Realm is a limited-time roguelike event mode that you'll unlock at Union Level 17.

In the Depths of Illusive Realm, you'll start by picking a character (some are unavailable, but you'll also have access to trial characters that you might not have). You don't need to equip an Echo outside of this mode, as these will be reset. Instead, you'll select buffs and an Echo and clear rooms to grab Metaphors, which will upgrade your Echo. However, your character's level, Resonance Chain, and weapon will stay the same, so it's best to make sure these are fully upgraded to the best of your ability, especially when trying to clear runs with higher difficulties.

As you clear different rooms, you'll find Memory of Rest rooms, where you can heal up and buy more Metaphors to upgrade your Echoes with. And, if you're stuck, you can purchase permanent upgrades in the Thought Evolution menu. At the end of every run, you'll encounter a boss.

Completing the Depths of Illusive Realm will net you better rewards as well. Speaking of rewards, you'll be able to get things like Astrite, Advanced Resonance Potions, Shell Credits, Premium Tuners, and Phantom Appearances with the Illusive Specimens you earn.

The Depths of Illusive Realm is a temporary mode — it's only around until June 26. However, like timed events in other gacha games, it's likely it could make a comeback.

That's all the information we've got on endgame modes in Wuthering Waves! Need to level up a bit more to unlock them? Head to our Union Level guide to find the best ways to gain Union EXP. Or, if you're hoping to build your Resonators a bit more before bringing them into the endgame with you, we've got your back with our Resonator leveling guide.

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